Design & Estimates

Site Visit
If you want us to be a part of the design and planning stages of your project then an initial site visit or meeting should be arranged. This collaboration is the time to share your ideas with us, to show photos of designs you like, to discuss cabinet styles, surfaces and materials, and to discuss your budget.

Free Estimates
After an initial site vist, we will provide you with a free preliminary estimate. If you decide to hire Brinton Woodworking Studio we will work to assure a project of high quality and affordability.

If your project involves a new design or custom work it is recommended that some kind of drawing be made. Depending upon the project this could be a simple sketch or a full set of detailed plans. Good design and planning are especially important in custom kitchens and cabinetry that are both functional and beautiful.

Already have Drawings
For designers, architects, builders and homeowners who already have drawings, we would be happy to provide a free estimate. You can send them to us through the mail or via e-mail. As a service to architects and builders we can provide a set of shop plans for review prior to construction.


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